Welcome to the library
Cole Elementary School Library!


Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am excited to serve your child as his/her librarian! I look forward to helping your child as they reach new levels of reading comprehension and become enthusiastic readers.

You may remember signing a bright pink library permission slip recently. That paper is SUPER important because it is your child’s key to being able to check out books! Make sure they return that slip so that they can begin their literary journey.

Your child’s classroom teacher has signed up to take their class to the library one day each week. We have already been going over how to take care of books and how to use the library and now we are ready to test it out!

Remember that lost and damaged books will need to be replaced by you. Please encourage your child to enjoy and take care of our library materials by:

  • Having clean and dry hands before handling a book.
  • Avoiding damage done by markers, crayons, scissors, etc.
  • Keeping books away from food, liquid, younger siblings, and pets.

I thank you for your cooperation and hope you will share the joy of reading with your child as well.

penguin reading

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Miss Lopez

Room F-2       Ext: 275