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Dear Parents, These upcoming weeks of school will be very different than anything that we have ever experienced. I have put together a schedule in order for you to create a school like environment at home. Remember, children thrive with structure. Inside this packet you will find information that should be taught Monday through Friday.  Things to keep in mind: 

TK children have a short attention span; please keep your instruction to less than 20 minutes per activity. 

The work in this packet is NOT to be done independently as it is not homework. Please use the next couple of weeks to bond and get better acquainted with child’s education. Children feed off of adult attitudes. Praise your child after each activity! 

Additionally, I have included Log In instructions and passcodes for an online learning program called Footsteps2Brilliance. You may access the program through an app or a home computer. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me. I check my email multiple times per day. 

Best wishes and health to you all! Mrs. Londot


Google Classroom:
Your child must be logged into his/her Google account to access
Google classroom or Clever 
Username: lastname, 1st initial, last 4 digits of lunch
Ex: Keishia Handy -

Forgotten password: 
Contact teacher through school district email or class dojo.

Class DOJO
Feel free to contact me if you need information about ClassDojo

Feel free to e-mail me at