Mrs. Sikes

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Always pass on what you have learned.
-Master Yoda

Room D-2                                                                                       2018/2019

Welcome Back! I hope you enjoyed your summer. My name is Rebecca Sikes and I will be your child’s fourth/fifth grade teacher. I am very excited about this new year. I have a Star Wars theme and you will see related references throughout the year.   

To help encourage positive educational environment and participation. The campus staff and I will be using a Positive Behavior Support system. This plan is in effect at all times. The following are the class rules and consequences.


1.     Be Respectful to EVERYONE, including respecting yourself

2.     Be Responsible:

* Listen when teacher is talking and following directions, *staying on task, *raising your hand to talk, *coming to class prepared and ready to learn

3.     Be Safe, following all safety rules on campus

Consequences:   Using a Hard at Work and Hardly Working list points will be calculated daily. Each day, your student start On Target with 5+ Dojo points.



Jedi Master

Makes outstanding choices+10 Dojo points

Name on caught being good list

On Target

Able to follow all classroom expectations+5 Dojo points

Name not on either list


Verbal warning; 0 Dojo points

No name on Hardly working side of the board

Direct Hit

Loss of one recess; -5 Dojo points

Name on Hardly working side of the list

Critical Hit

Low Level Referral- Call or Note home; -10 Dojo points

Name on Hardly working side of the list with a check


Teacher will write a low level referral, noting previous reteaching (Note: Four low level referrals will result in a high level referral and a trip to the office.)The teacher will make a call home, email, or text the parent about the behavior, as needed. Student will be require to bring a copy of the Low or High level referral back the next day signed by a parent. Recesses maybe restricted until it is returned.

Extreme behaviors may result in an immediate call, text, or email to family, and a high referral.

Class Dojo: Class Dojo is a behavior management system that I use to stay connected with families. You can download the FREE app on any electronic device such as your cell phone, tablet, or laptop. Information will be sent home soon.

Dojo Benefits for PARENTS include: View your child’s feedback points, teacher comments, and get class notices. Parents can send messages and see class projects and activities.

Dojo benefits for STUDENTS: View their own feedback points from class.

Customize their monster avatar. Send messages to the teacher, Collect photos for their digital portfolios. They can spend their points to go to treasure box or privileges.

Bathroom Policy:

 Only one boy and one girl may go at a time, no earlier than 20 minutes after returning from a recess break or start of school when the teacher is not teaching.  If it’s an emergency when the teacher is teaching the whole class, children can be excused, but may need to lose some recess time.


People who become ill may leave without a pass or permission, the teacher will follow up when the student returns. If your child has a medical condition that I should be aware of, please let me know in writing as soon as possible to avoid any misunderstandings.


We are trying to go paperless. That means your child will need access to the internet. The school can provide a chrome book for this purpose, but paperwork is required. (see the office for this information).

Language Arts homework will be sent Monday night and returned on Friday.

Student are expected to read for 30 minutes each night.

Math will be given nightly and checked the next day.


Please check their daily agenda to help your child be responsible for completing their  work. YOU will need to SIGN OR INITIAL their agendas M - TH nights.


Daily Class Work

There may be times when your student doesn’t finish class work, those times they have the option to complete their work during recess and lunch breaks, or take it home to be completed. This work is due the next day.


Student Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are special. Celebrations of student birthdays will be limited to the last 15 minutes of the day. Arrangements must be made in advance if you would like to bring treats for the class. All foods should be store bought. Some students may have allergies to certain items, so please let me know what items you will be bringing.

Adult Volunteer Opportunities: I want to encourage you to come in and work in the classroom. There is a form and process. Please see Ms. Maria in the office for details.

·     Grading 

·     Help with computers

·     Donate items

·     Music.

·     Sport or Game

·     Help prepare Art Project

Tutoring I will keep you informed about your student’s progress in their class through Class Dojo, text, or email if you provide me with contact information. I have already discussed this plan with your student, but would appreciate it if you would review the rules and consequences with them before signing and returning the form attached. Thank you for your support.

Sincerely,    Mrs. Sikes                            (909) 388-6510