Mrs. Londot


My name is Mrs. Londot.  I am very excited to begin this important year of learning with your child.  Transitional Kindergarten is a grade that serves as a bridge between preschool and Kindergarten; functioning to provide students with time to develop fundamental skills needed for success in a developmentally and age appropriate school setting.



Your child may eat breakfast in the cafeteria beginning at 8:20.  An adult must wait for them to finish eating before escorting them to our classroom.  I will open our classroom door at 8:40.  When signing your child in for the day, please indicate if he/she will eat lunch at school.  School begins promptly at 8:50.  If your child arrives late, you must check them in at the office.  At 12:10, your child will be released from our classroom door (A1).  If your child needs to leave early, you must complete an early release form located in the office.  If your child eats lunch at school, they will be dismissed at 12:40 from our classroom door (A1).  Your child will only be released to an adult listed on the Emergency Contact Card.  You must notify the office personnel if there are any changes.      



Students will be provided with a homework folder that aligns with our school-wide A.V.I.D. program.  We strive to teach our students responsibility and organization.  A.V.I.D. folders should be brought to school daily.  However, students will receive a homework packet on Mondays to be completed and returned on Fridays.  Please take time to read to your child daily!  The single greatest factor in a child’s ability to read is early experiences being read aloud to.



Please provide your child with a backpack in order to carry and protect their daily papers and schoolbooks.  Review and remove papers daily.  I will provide pencils, crayons, and paper for your child to use in the classroom.    



1. I can be kind and courteous with all adults and children.

2. I can keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself.

3. I can do my best work. 

The daily management plan includes a warning, timeout, and phone call or parent note home.  Students will be rewarded daily for making good choices in the classroom with verbal praise, special notes, and small treats/prizes.



Your role as the parent is essential in your child’s academic success.  Please ensure that your child is in school everyday (illness and bereavement is an exception).  Sleep also plays an important role in the productivity of your child.  Parent volunteers are highly encouraged.  Volunteering can be helpful and rewarding to both students and parents.  Please notify me at least two days in advance if you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday at school.  Birthday treats will be shared during our classroom recess time.  It is a district policy that birthday snacks be store bought and healthy.     


Feel free to speak with me before or after school if you have any questions.  Let's do our best for a great year!


Mrs. Londot